The Various Other Face of Islam

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The Ahmadiyyah movement (Ahmadi) is a sect in Islam which was founded towards completion of the 19th century in Punjab, India, and spread from there to different countries. Most members of the sect are focused in South-East Asia: India, Pakistan as well as Indonesia, and it numbers 15 Million followers.
The members of the sect preach knowledge, tranquility, as well as brotherhood in between countries and love of others. The Ahmadiyyah means opposes spiritual threat, and for that reason does not sustain spreading out Islam via Jihad, “Holy Battle”. They favor placatory persuasion. The sect is named for its owner, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (1835-1908), who, at the age of 40, revealed that Allah has actually entrusted him with the task of renewing the Muslim religion and bringing justice and also stability to the world.

The Concepts of the Ahmadiyyah obligate its followers to be faithful to their nation of residence. A follower of the sect can not oppose the legislations of his country, so he can reside in peace in this world. Muhammad Sharif, head of the Ahmadiyyah in Israel, explains: “As a person I am bound to comply with Allah, the Prophet and those who lead the nation also if I do not approve of the leader”. The Ahmadiyyah are restricted from joining presentations, even ones on behalf of tranquility. Faced with the typical Islamic belief, that Muhammad is the Last Prophet, the Ahmadis preserve that even following his death prophecy still remained, as well as it was moved to the owner of the sect as well as his pupils. The Ahmadiyyah sees itself as an international religion that is expected to consist of not only Muslims, however likewise Christians, Jews and also Hindis.

According to Ahmadi idea, Jesus was a male that was neither tortured neither carried to paradise, but was taken down from the tree by his pupils, took a trip to India, where he died at the age of 120 in Srinagar, Kashmir. Ghulam Ahmad, the owner of the sect, remains in their eyes a reincarnation of both Jesus and also Muhammad. He is the assured “Mujaddid”. For his fans, he is the “Mahdi”, a hero or a messiah, as well as there are those that see him as a prophet. Once India divided into a Hindu state and also a Muslim state, the religious center was moved to Pakistan. The movement was persecuted in Pakistan for many years, as well as moved its spiritual activity to London. Today, facilities of the Ahmadi movement can be found in several nations. During the hundred years of its existence, the Ahmadiyyah sect has actually managed to develop a well organized activity, including missionary pressures, schools as well as grown religious centers, spread over numerous nations around the globe: In Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

The Ahmadis in Israel

According to Muhammad Sharif Odeh, head of the Ahmadi in Israel, the sect has 1500 members in Israel. On the 17th of March 1928, the “Facility of the Ahmadi Delegation to the Middle-East Countries” was moved from Damascus to Kababir village on Mt. Carmel in Haifa. Today the town is an area of a thousand, bordered by Jewish areas. The Ahmadi neighborhood in Haifa has a large octagonal Mosque patterned after the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The current head of the sect in Israel is the son of its creator in Israel. The sect has a number of vehicles to spread its ideas: A regular monthly magazine called “Al-Busra Al-Islamia Al-Ahmadiyyah” (The Ahmadiyyah Muslim Gospel); a website, along with a satellite tv terminal,

Although the sect’s spiritual facility hosts arranged teams from the whole country, very few have actually become aware of it. “It does not passion the media, because we give no action”, Muhammad Sharif Odeh informs Omedia, “Maybe because we do not toss rocks”. It is possible that they are neglected since they broadcast a message of “Love for All, Hatred for None”, while the media in Israel lacks its reporting approaches and also releases primarily news items and articles of the “dog attacks guy” style. According to the Ahmadis, the major problem of radical Islam is the distorted interpretation of the Quran that the diehards have actually adopted. According to Sharif, the trouble in Islam, as in other faiths, is the complete adherence to the words of clerics, whose words are perceived as words of Allah. “Our company believe that the interpreter can be mistaken. Let us return to the resource as opposed to analyses that split between individuals, as if a spiritual ruling of a cleric is the divine word, comparable to what obtains in the Catholic Church, where the Pope is foolproof”.

Sharif notes that the understanding of “Muhammad Baseif”, i.e. the phone call to spread Islam by the sword, does not appear whatsoever in the Quran, neither is it stated in the Hadith (Analyses by Muslim wise men). “It is just a creation of some Sheikh. It does not obligate me, neither any various other Muslim”. According to Sharif, the significance of words Jihad as it shows up in the Quran suggests a supreme initiative, venture, and not the interpretation adopted later. They are bound, so they claim, by the original interpretation of the word. The telephone call of Jihad, for them is: “Call to your sovereign, and also argue with him in the very best method possible. Islam plainly states that you can not employ browbeating as well as force in issues of faith and also belief”.

Elastic Rules

Bu the trouble of the Ahmadis is not with normal analysis, however particularly with an interpretation that “opposes the text”. Sharif defines it: “An analysis that damages the principles of justice or opposes science. Constantly you need to go back to the resource, reinvestigate the religious beliefs. In Islam the policies are not established in stone, but elastic, and dependent on the altering scenario. If there is a scientific advancement that opposes an existing analysis then that interpretation is no longer divine”. It needs to be noted that one of the recent Nobel Laureates in physics, Prof. Abdul Salam, is a member of the Ahmadi sect.

The Ahmadiyyah Movement published an advertisement opposing the most recent remarks by the Pope versus Muhammad, yet which additionally slammed the “barbaric” reaction, as Sharif terms it, to these comments. Sharif says it would certainly have been far better to respond to the Pope with words, “With scientific proof as well as not by burning churches (Such as after the caricatures in Denmark). No one can harm one more for no reason. The Quran clearly mentions that you are forbidden to harm the prayer areas of other confidences”.